Website 4 Rent: Pro Tire Guy

St Catharines, St, Catharines


About this website: This website was designed by a professional technical writer with expertise in search-engine optimization (SEO) for websites. It has a simple design especially suited to the emergency situation of having to find a tire-repair service on a cell phone (few images; fast-loading pages; index page with large text easily viewed on a cell-phone screen). It also has many features to give it a high search-engine ranking such that it appears high in the list of search-engine results (where customers find you). It isn't a fancy website: It is a search-engine-optimized (SEO) website geared towards bringing in customers via accessibility.

What is the cost of this website? Customization is free (existing links only or minor additions, up to 3 hours work). You have to list yourself in directories (, Google Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, KiJiJi, and so on for SEO purposes: links in and out of website increase website ranking in search engines). You are responsible for maintaining your own ads in directories such as KiJiJi such that they do not expire (with links on this website becoming invalid and needing to be redone). You also have to pay directly to Go Daddy ® Web-Hosting Service the hosting fees for this website for 4 years ($480 for 4 years). You can have any domain name you like as long as you pay for it.

How does this offer compare with the Go Daddy ® Website Builder? Go Daddy Website Builder costs $155.88 per year ($623.52 for 4 years) plus another $25 per year for your domain name and business registration ($100 for 4 years)(more info). You have to do the work of building the website yourself. Additionally, a Go-Daddy website does NOT come with search-engine-optimization (SEO) features (although it looks good: it has a pretty face!). SEO is important if you want your customers to find you!

Why would someone offer to post a website at cost (no profit)? The technical writer is actually making a profit by putting samples of her search-engine-optimization (SEO) expertise online (a portfolio) and charging large corporations to provide SEO service. She does not usually offer this service to small companies; however, in this case she already had the website left over from another business that closed. Professional web developers can look at the HTML code and see all the SEO features, and the technical writer is then validated. The technical writer is also validated when this website has a high search-engine ranking (verified by anyone); however, this takes a few months to achieve (so work samples need to stay online so that they are available during contract interviews).

4-Year Term: Additionally, a 4-year term is easy to maintain because it is not necessary to update the domain name and hosting every year (not especially labour intensive, so the service is provided at cost for a win-win situation).